1958 Restaurant

31 Jul 2015
Halong Bay restaurants - 1958 Restaurant outside view, photo by Paradise Suites
Halong Bay restaurants - 1958 Restaurant interior, photo by Paradise Suites

Paradise Vietnam is proud to have opened its 2nd restaurant in Halong Bay at the Paradise Suites Hotel area. Where the first restaurant offered a dignified dining experience with elegant live music and contemporary Vietnamese French fusion, 1958 will be making things a little more casual with regard to menu and atmosphere.

Opening hour: 11 a.m - 9 p.m (Mon-Sun)

Tuan Chau’s newest Halong restaurant will be focusing on traditional Vietnamese food with a northern lean. And being right next to the ocean means there will also be a vast array of tantalizing seafood options as well as meat and vegetarian dishes on the menu.

Tempting appetizers include classic meal starters such as deep-fried Halong seafood spring rolls and local oysters as well as a number of fresh salad options such as an unusual jellyfish salad and a classic beef and celery salad in tamarind sauce. There are also Halong Bay must-try specialty dishes such as fried squid cakes and black clams.

 Beef & celery salad with tamarind sauce 

For the main courses, an entire section is devoted to those edible gifts from the sea with a mouthwatering fresh seafood market section offering various types of fish and shellfish depending on the season, as well as great Vietnamese favorites such as caramelized pork and stewed beef.

Stewed beef shrank with sugar cane

For dessert there is a mix of western favorites and Vietnamese specialties. For something more familiar you can tuck into homemade ice cream in a variety of flavors or if you are feeling more adventurous then try the lotus seed sweet soup.

Banana flambe with ice cream

Halong Bay restaurants are not particularly famous in Vietnam like they are in Saigon or Hoi An but this is something we are passionate about changing. The Halong Bay food scene, and the number of Tuan Chau Island restaurants, is developing and growing at an unprecedented rate and we look forward to 1958 leading the way in Vietnamese cuisine.

Paradise Suites, Tuan Chau island, Halong city
(+84) 333 815 088
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$6 - 25/pax
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