Cube Cafe

13 Aug 2015
Halong Bay coffee shop - Cube Cafe overview, photo by Cube Cafe
Halong Bay coffee shop - Cube Cafe rooftop, photo by Cube Cafe
Halong Bay coffee shop - Cube Cafe inside seating, photo by Cube Cafe
Halong Bay coffee shop - Cube Cafe outside seating, photo by Cube Cafe
Halong Bay coffee shop - Cube Cafe drinks, photo by Cube Cafe

Special place for coffee-lovers with excellent and unique design. Shop is made from containers with special drinks made from original coffee roasted and ground freshly at shop. Many other types of drinks and foods are also served here.

Drinks options: Wine & Beer, Alcoholic beverages, Coffee, Smoothies, Juice

Cube Cafe locates separately from the noisy city. Unlike the cafes in the bustling center, Cube sits quietly on a vacant lot near Hoang Quoc Viet street, creating a sense of calm, comfortable right at the moment you set your foot here.

The cafe has an impressive concept, formed from several containers. But don't think that it will be stuffy and rough, on contrary, it is spacious, airy and makes you feel like entering a miniature resort. The space is divided into 2 parts: the inside and the outside. Inside, the interior is designed specially to bring out the harmony. Tables and chairs are all made from recycled wood, ceiling is decorated with graffiti painting, combining with lights to make the space look cozier and more romantic. Going up to the 2nd floor, you will see a special area formed by another container placed cross the 2nd floor, it is the library with various types of book and 2 guitars for those who love books and music.

The biggest surprise is the rooftop with a totally different concept in compare to the inside building. It is separated into “Light part” và “Dark part”. “Light part” make you associate it with an outdoor bar where long tables and high chairs are arranged near the balcony, under endless chain of LED light bulbs. "Dark part" is the opposite: it receives the light from "Light Part" with many small square tables and chairs fitting perfectly for group of 1-4 people. From "Dark part", you can have a paranomic view of Hung Thang new urban area and the significant skyscrapers of the city such as Royal Lotus Hotel, Palace Hotel or Muong Thanh Hotel.
Le Duc Tho str., Hung Thang zone, Bai Chay, Halong city
(+84) 974 857 875
(+84) 974 857 875
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